Chie Mihara is a renowned Japanese footwear designer known for her exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs. Born and raised in Japan, she developed a deep passion for shoes at an early age. After studying fashion and accessories in Japan and New York, Chie Mihara launched her eponymous shoe brand in 2001.


Chie Mihara’s designs are characterized by their fusion of comfort, style, and vintage-inspired elements. Each pair of shoes is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. She combines traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, creating footwear that is both visually striking and comfortable to wear.

Mihara’s designs often feature intricate details like intricate cutouts, delicate embellishments, and unexpected color combinations. Her shoes range from elegant heels and sandals to practical flats and boots, catering to women who value both style and functionality. With a focus on comfort, Chie Mihara incorporates cushioned insoles, supportive arches, and stable heels into her designs, ensuring that her shoes are not only beautiful but also wearable for extended periods.


Chie Mihara’s creations have gained international recognition and have been embraced by fashion-conscious women around the world. Her brand has a strong following, and her shoes can be found in upscale boutiques and department stores worldwide. Chie Mihara’s dedication to craftsmanship and her ability to blend timeless elegance with contemporary flair have solidified her position as a sought-after designer in the world of footwear.

Chie Mihara
Chie Mihara
Chie Mihara


Abundance makes me happy!

I love being generous, helping people and being open to any battle because I know I have an abundance of solutions!

I don’t take life so seriously. There are no “last opportunities”. The sun will rise again tomorrow! That’s why I don’t get bitter when something doesn’t work out for me.

I love the touch of materials: their softness, nobility, resistance… Qualities that inspire confidence.

Sometimes I make very crazy styles which then become bestsellers… That says a lot about the desire for pleasure and happiness we are all seeking!

When I am creating I don’t think about anyone, just playing and being happy with what I’m doing. Trends force me to be mainstream and that’s precisely what I am not.

When I think too much, my creativity and productivity go down … so I stop thinking and act!

I love it when someone has a pair of worn out shoes: it says a lot about the trust they have placed in them.

A lot of people think I have a lot of shoes! but it is not like that … I have a few that I use a lot, especially low heels and lace ups. Those are my favorites!

Chie Mihara

Julyette Paris is proud to announce its exclusive partnership as the official distributor of Chie Mihara in the vibrant coastal community of La Jolla. Known for its impeccable craftsmanship and elegant designs, Chie Mihara is a renowned luxury shoe brand that epitomizes comfort, style, and sophistication. With Julyette Paris now representing the brand in La Jolla, local fashion enthusiasts can indulge in Chie Mihara’s exquisite footwear collection, featuring an array of meticulously crafted heels, flats, and sandals. Whether strolling along the beautiful beaches or attending a social soirée, residents and visitors of La Jolla can now experience the unparalleled blend of European elegance and contemporary flair that Chie Mihara shoes offer, exclusively through Julyette Paris.

Size Chart

EU UK USA Calf Measurements (for boots only)
35 2 5 34.40cm / 13.42”
35.5 2.5 5.5 34.40cm / 13.42”
36 3 6 35.00cm / 13.70”
36.5 3.5 6.5 35.00cm / 13.70”
37 4 7 35.60cm / 13.90”
37.5 4.5 7.5 35.60cm / 13.90”
38 5 8 36.20cm / 14.12”
38.5 5.5 8.5 36.20cm / 14.12”
39 6 9 36.80cm / 14.35”
39.5 6.5 9.5 36.80cm / 14.35”
40 7 10 37.40cm / 14.59”
40.5 7.5 10.5 37.40cm / 14.59”
41 8 11 38.00cm / 14.82”
41.5 8.5 11.5 38.00cm / 14.82”
42 9 12 38.60cm / 15.05”

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