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Imagine a Paris of dreams, from whence you can take off and return afresh, ready for something even better. A poetic getaway between haussmann façades and tropical exuberance; the alleys of montmartre and the lower east side; luxembourg gardens and the amalfi coast; central park and the tuileries basin: This is the spirit of maison Aurelie Bidermann.

Created in 2004, it reflects the DNA of its eponymous founder: a never-ending journey between zinc rooftops, emerald-green forests of South America, a sensual island, the vibrant colours of unknown flowers, and the cobalt blue of an infinite ocean.

Paris and all these other places are the firm’s creative crucible, boosted by a very Parisian sense of fashion and a coquettishness that stems not only from beauty but also from natural grace. This spirit infuses the multi-coloured cottons in the Copacabana and Do Brasil collections, cult jewels reminiscent of holiday souvenirs, coloured stone cabochons in the Miki rings, the sensual curves of the Diana line, whose sorbet hues cultivate eternal summer.

It is delightfully at ease with itself, steeped in nature and wanderlust. The style of Aurélie Bidermann is also a love for the countryside, walks in the woods, and weekends in the country. It’s the family home in the south of France, hikes in the Fontainebleau forest, a Sunday in Normandy. The ears of corn, the Tao snakes, and the ginkgo leaves have become talismans, blurring the frontiers between valuable and costume pieces. They are ideal for treating yourself and emphasizing your own femininity.

First Boutique

Her first boutique, created in Paris’s arty Saint Germain-des-Prés district, is more than just a point of sale: it is a story of four walls – in Paris, of course, but it also has a touch of Palm Springs sophistication and a hint of a Rio carnival. The same right bank atmosphere, in the Rue Royale, like two chapters of one open book, a fantastic album in which clover leaves go hand in hand with the delightful collection of Navajos ornaments, gold lace, dancing snakes, and silk pompons. Colette and Simone de Beauvoir would definitely have loved it.

The Collections

The collections of bracelets and rings, the balance of colours, the mix of materials soon becomes jewellery. Once again, the Paris tradition is touched upon: an unusual Elephant becomes a pendant, the gold thread Ceintures are transformed into rings and bracelets. The Chivor pendants are like a child’s toy, yet none of this might stop women from wearing mobile sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

The Dentelles and Trombones are studded with precious stones, the grelots ring to the sound of diamonds, scarabées and coccinelles are about to unfold their sapphire or tsavorite wings. It’s amusing yet precious and insolently feminine. A new type of luxury reflecting a firm where lucky charms watch over not only the style of their customers but also their mood. And perhaps even more. After all, everything is possible if you know you are beautiful!

Aurelie Bidermann
Aurelie Bidermann
Aurelie Bidermann

Julyette Paris holds the esteemed position as the exclusive distributor of Aurelie Bidermann in the captivating city of La Jolla, California. With a reputation for unparalleled style and refined elegance, Aurelie Bidermann stands as a distinguished French brand that captures the essence of sophisticated fashion. As the sole distributor in the area, Julyette Paris brings forth the exquisite designs of Aurelie Bidermann, offering a curated selection of clothing and accessories that embody timeless allure. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and exceptional taste, Julyette Paris ensures that both residents and visitors of La Jolla have access to the latest collections, embracing the essence of Aurelie Bidermann’s distinctive aesthetic. Through their partnership, Julyette Paris and Aurelie Bidermann create a harmonious synergy that elevates the fashion landscape of La Jolla, captivating the hearts of fashion connoisseurs with every exquisite piece.

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